Aam Ka Aachar

This finger licking good Mango pickle is a favourite of many. As mangoes are available only during the summer season. Housewives are busy making pickles and other mango based items.

Mango Pieces 1 kg.
Salt 50 gms.
Saunf 50 gms.
Kalaunji 25 gms.
Haldi 25 gms.
Pepper 25 gms.
Red Chilli (Powder) 25 gms.
Mustard (Sarson) 250 ml.



  1. Wash the mangoes, clean them with a piece of cloth and cut it into the pieces.
  2. Mix all the spices and a little mustard oil and put pieces of mango in it.
  3. After mixing well, put in a glass jar and pour a little mustard oil over it.
  4. Keep it closed for two to three weeks. Stir it from time to time. Keep it for some time in the sun.