Sweet Pickle

This sweet pickle recipe has become one of the most requested recipes.

Pieces of Radish 1 kg.
Red Chilli Powder 25 gms.
Black Pepper 1 gm.
Rai 25 gms.
Elaichi 25 gms.
Imli 125 gms.
Onion 100 gms.
Garlic 3 gms.
Salt 1 gm.
Vinegar ( Sirka) 1 ml.
Jaggery (Gur) 1 ml.
Sesame Oil 1 ml.



  1. Peel the radish and cut in long pieces.
  2. Steam the pieces for five minutes so that they loose their colour.
  3. Mix thick pulp of Imli with jaggery (Gur).
  4. Fry ginger, onion and garlic in oil and add jaggery mixture to it.
  5. Mix the pieces of radish in it and add salt and vinegar.
  6. Last of all, mix sesame oil and stir it well. Keep for two or three days in the sunlight.