Meethe Chawal

This recipe is from the land of Punjab . A very simple recipe of rice dessert.

Long grained White Rice 250 gm
Sugar 300 gm
Crushed Hari Elaichi 4
Dalchinni 1 Stick
Saffron dissolved in a little milk 1/2 tsp
Ghee 8 tbsp
Dry fruits chopped finely For Garnishing



  1. Soak rice for 5-6 hours. Then boil it and drain out the water when it is nearly ready.
  2. Now heat the ghee and add all the ingredients including sugar and saffron.
  3. Put in 1/2 cup of water to make a syrup of one thread consistency.
  4. When this is done, put in the rice, cover it with a lid and cook on low flame till rice separates and is dry.